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Glamour Is A State Of Mind

“Glamour never takes a day off.” – IMAN

Some may only associate glitz and glamour with the rich and famous. I’m here to help you realize that any woman, anywhere, can add a dazzling touch of glamour to her everyday life. It isn’t just about fabulous shoes, sparkling diamonds, and 1st class travel, although we love these things. We need more than just material things to truly make us come alive. Glamour is a state of mind.

When you wake up in the morning and rush though your beauty routine, how does the rest of your day tend to go? What about the times you take extra care in straightening your hair or caring for your skin? Does your energy seem higher when you sleep in and skip your morning workout? My guess is, probably not. How would your mood improve if you started the day writing 3 things you love about yourself in your journal rather than pointing out 3 things you hate about yourself the second you look in the mirror? When we take time to show a little love to ourselves, our mood is elevated. We hold our heads a little bit higher. And people notice.

For the next week, I would love to challenge you to try a different approach. Do one small thing a day that makes you feel like a queen. Put on a bold shade of lipstick. Drink a glass of champagne with your girlfriends. Wear the clothes in your closet that make you feel stunning. Think about the reasons you feel proud of yourself. When you feel that surge of extra confidence, really pay attention to what that burst of energy feels like. You deserve to feel great every day!

Life is too short to live in the shadows. Find your inner goddess, and for goodness sake, set her free!

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