Inspiration and Weekend Vibes

“You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.”Β -Mark Twain

Some mornings, inspiration hits before I even open my eyes, and I hit the ground running. Other days, its like pulling teeth trying to pull one creative thought from my mind. I listen to my favorite podcasts, read exerts from my favorite books, and watch performance art on youtube. Some days, I give up on creativity, grumbling “I hope I see you tomorrow.” However, some days, right when I am on the edge of frustration, I am quiet for a moment…and the magic happens.

Many of us are filling our minds so full of outside stimuli that it needs a minute to catch up. To sort out the important from the BS. To work through emotions, good and bad. If we just hit pause, and allow ourselves to be still, we end up back in the present moment. Then we can finally listen. We can finally hear the message. We are able to allow creativity to flow.

In our current world, the societal norm is to be set on overdrive and auto pilot. We over-exert, under nourish, and misinterpret. We miss things like opportunities, ideas, and answers. We become hyper focused on others, on their news feeds, on their photos, on what we think their lives look like. We neglect ourselves; our self-care, our self-awareness, and our self-acceptance.

I would like to challenge you to join me in a new practice this weekend. Rather than spending precious weekend mornings scouring and scrolling, why not try something more productive? Why not spend this precious time doing something that makes you feel alive, confident, and creative? This will look different for everyone, of course. I personally feel alive when I start my morning with coffee and a good read, a brisk walk outdoors, a trip to the local farmer’s market, or even a quiet meditation followed by stream of consciousness journaling. Whatever it is that makes you happy to be on this earth, do it. Then notice how much better you feel on Monday morning. Notice that rather than feeling like the weekend just flew by, you actually feel refreshed. Our minds need R&R just as much as our bodies do. Try to quiet your mind this weekend. To focus on what you are doing right now, and limit or cut-out unnecessary stimuli. Give yourself a chance to rest, recover, and reset. Then see where your imagination takes you.

With Love,


My absolute favorite book on the subject of creativity:

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

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